Announcing the KSSP 2018 shortlist

Congratulations to our six writers for making the short-list.

The judges described the short listed stories as “gripping, lyrical, exciting, at times dark but lovely” all in all showcasing “raw talent” as they deal with love, alienation, betrayal, race, contamination and various forms of resistance.

The judges – a panel of four internationally acclaimed and award winning authors, publishers and scholars -are Mukoma wa Ngugi, Namwali Serpell, Ainehi Edoro and Mulenga Kapwepwe.

In no particular order, the six final entries are:

1. A broken road in utopia – Chanda Chongo
2. A degree of alone – Peter Nawa
3. God of the mind – Andrew Nguvu
4. The mango tree – Sampa Musaba
5. A hand to hold – Mali Kambandu
6. The legacy of Moombe – Mutinta Nanchengwa

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