A funny, colourful & relatable encounter


Brief encounters by Jonas Lumbila is a beautiful, funny and colorful short-story from the 2018 Kalemba top 12.

Any Zambian woman who has ever bought Salaula can relate to this dramatic and funny encounter.  Download Brief Encounters here

Millie, 22, her face was light, while her hands could not match up her facial shade. She had applied way more than enough make up, which in no time would become a pot of mud if those showers kept falling on her. She was clad in a Gucci colored top, for the record it read “Guccci”.

Namakau, 35, was tall and had a good dark shade of skin. She was clad in a black and white dotted jacket, with white pants, and black Nine West heels, her head was dawned with refined Brazilian hair. Namakau an accounts assistant at one the cities leading firms was the epitome of the new age Zambian woman, for now though her eyes were focused on her newfound competition. Download Brief Encounters here


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