Announcing the 2019 Kalemba Short Story Prize Long-list


The following entries have made the long-list, congratulations.
Thank you to all the entrants. The short story form is often underestimated but is one of the most difficult to write. Unlike the long form, it is an emotional experience delivered straight to the vein, they say. In the coming weeks, we will give general feedback on why so many potentially good stories fell short.

1. Watching Trees – Petros Mwanza
2. Munkoyo – Mazuba Kapambwe
3. Vapour Man – James Shimwitwa
4. The Masks – Lucy Zulu Simuzingili
5. Inswa – Mubanga Kalimamukwento
6. Once Upon a loyalty – Ben Sipo Mulilanduba
7. The Chitenge – Wongani Ngulube
8. The Red Skuna – Chikondi Chiti
9. All To love – Lydia Ngoma
10. The Portrait – Olivia Banda
11. A splitting of the Mind – Vanessa Matanda
12. Love is Sad at a Cemetery – Ingrid Nayame
13. The Longest Monday – Natalie Yabalwashi
14. Almost There – Chimwemwe Charity Jere
15. The People That Wear Masks – Mutinta Nanchengwa
16. Kintsugi – Joy Lubinda
17. Manenekela – Kanyanta Sinyangwe
18. The Night of Alexandria – Kondwani Simwaba
19. The City – Kabwe Mwenya
20. Happy Father’s Day – Marjory Moono Simuyuni
21. Neti-The Talking Cocroach Elopes Dijo-The Village Hoodlum – Dominic Mbewe
22. We Need New Relatives- Chanda Chongo
23. Not Again – Sampa Musaba
24. Pain by Any Other Name – Fiske Nyirongo
25. Binary – Jumani Clarke
26. Bioiscope – Jacob M’hango
27. Disconsolate – Natasha Kasoma
28. Dead-End Dead-Lock – Mwanamuke Nawa
29. Career Battle – Mirriam Lusambo
30. Wild for the Valiant – Frank Mubanga
31. Ninety Days – Kateule Chabala
32. Funeral of a God – Milan Sichinga

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