2023 Kalemba Judging process – what to know

LUSAKA, 22 January – A team of reviewers made up of seasoned editors and creative writers have started the process of reading and selecting the entries.

PLEASE NOTE: The entries are selected anonymously by independent reviewers who are not part of the Kalemba Prize.

Stories are sent to reviewers with ZERO personal details of the writers, this includes name, sex, age, location, and all other information. Only Kalemba administrators have these details.

– Long-listed entries will be published on all Kalemba digital platforms.

– Long-listed writers will be invited to participate in a masterclass delivered by an expert in fiction and short-story writing. The purpose of the masterclass will be to build upon and help sharpen the story telling skills of promising writers.

– Long-listed writers who will participate in the masterclass (in person or virtually) will have the option to revise and resubmit their entries within seven (7) days. NOTE: It’s not mandatory for longlisted writers to participate, however, it’s an opportunity to grab with both hands.

– Twelve (12) shortlisted entries will be published on our digital platforms.

– The panel of judges, constituted by renowned writers and literary luminaries, will select the top six stories and, subsequently, the top three.

– The panel of judges will be announced at a later stage.

– The top six stories will be published on the Kalemba website a week before announcing the winning and two run-up entries.

Please do NOT send emails asking for the status of the judging process. All updates will be posted on our digital platforms. ‘NO POST’ from us means that the judging process is on track.

We hope to conclude sooner, however experience has taught us not to give specific dates so early in the process.

We are projecting to announce the winner between May and June. Specific dates and timeline for the longlist, masterclass, shortlist and winner announcement will follow in due course.

For any clarifications, post in the comments, we will respond for the benefit of everyone. Do NOT send us emails, we will not respond.

Lastly, we know how difficult and punishing the simple act of waiting can be, but be assured that we are at it, and we promise to give every story the time and chance it deserves.

Good Luck.

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