Announcing the 2023 Kalemba Short Story Longlist

LUSAKA, ZAMBIA, 29 April – Congratulations to the longlisted writers! For those who didn’t make the list, thank you for your wonderful stories and please keep writing.

So, what next?

– Long-listed writers will be invited to participate in a masterclass delivered by an expert in fiction and short-story writing. The purpose of the masterclass will be to build upon and help sharpen your entries, and your overall writing skills beyond Kalemba.

– Long-listed writers who will participate in the masterclass (details to be communicated) will have the option to revise and resubmit their entries within seven (7) days – after the masterclass (details and new link will follow)

NOTE: It’s not mandatory for longlisted writers to participate, however, it’s an opportunity to grab with both hands and explains why our long lists is generous this year.)

– Twelve (12) shortlisted entries will be published on our digital platforms.

– The panel of judges, constituted by renowned writers and literary luminaries, will select the top six stories and, subsequently, the top three.

– The panel of judges is being finalized and will be announced in due course.

– The top six stories will be published on the Kalemba website a week before announcing the winning and two run-up entries.

Please do NOT send emails asking for the status of the judging process. All updates will be posted on our digital platforms. ‘NO POST’ from us means that the judging process is on track.

Something else

Can the writer of the story, The Inciting Incident, email us on

Lastly, we are reviewing two more stories. This is due to a technicality. When auditing the number of entries against the final list, we couldn’t account for two entries. We eventually found them.

The two stories are under review and if they make it, will be added to the longlist no later than Friday, 5 May.

1.           Zina – Cornelius Mwanza

2.           Words for the lost child – Mwenya Chikwa

3.           Who the Cap Fits – Thomas Chisengatambu

4.           When it all Clears – Trevor Ace Tao

5.           Up the Eucalyptus Tree – Mikha Mweetwa

6.           Unforeseen – Tecla Bwalya Mulenga

7.           Two-Faced Psycho – Timothy Mumba

8.           Tina’s Trauma – Nikiwe Taonga Thole

9.           Till Death – Mazuba Mwiinga

10.         Thirty9 Steps to Freedom – Simon Kansembe

11.         The Trip a Trap – Mbeti Sishekanu

12.         The Tribe – David Chiza Gondwe

13.         The Testament – Abigail Lubala

14.         The Talk by the stream – Jeremiah Chenge

15.         The Sexual Predator – Samuel Zimba

16.         The Papa, the Patient and the Physician – Katenekwa Njekwa

17.         The Njalimwenes – Mulobeka Albert Phiri

18.         The Mysterious Beast – Nchimunya Hatowa

19.         The Midnight Man – Margaret Mwenya

20.         The Man from the West – Adam Njobvu

21.         The Jacaranda Broomed in June – Chileshe Mutale

22.         Sins of the Father – Musole Prince Silungwe

23.         The Housekeeper – Brenda Nyambe

24.         The Guest – Glyn Mwiya

25.         The Final Act – Nduluma Mwaba

26.         The Family Terminator – Neddy Chimpati

27.         The Evil Within – Niza Chavula

28.         The Curious Case of Benjamin – John Phiri

29.         The Chosen Lamb – Taoma Mukwala

30.         The Childhood Clock – Jackson Chabala

31.         The Broken Arow – Isaac Likuji

32.         The Blues – Fiske Nyirongo

33.         The Evil within – Niza Chabula

34.         The Blue Shirt – Musiyani Silumbe

35.         Suicide Notes – Veagan Muchena

36.         Strangers at Home – William Mupotola

37.         Stepmother – Kaseba Lubambo

38.         Squelching noises – Clarence Chongo

39.         Some Days are Worse than Monday – Mpundu Charles Chilumba Mulenga

40.         Small World – Caroline Musole

41.         Shallow – Kees de Kwaasteniet

42.         Silver Head Red Hands – Racheal Tembo

43.         Seeing Anew – Kapampa Mwape

44.         Secrets – Teri Yombwe

45.         Red Ink Thandiwe – Chisela Chibale

46.         Pieces of Flesh – Given Chikwela

47.         Pelts – Nancy Mubanga

48.         No Strings Attached – Mukandi Siyame

49.         M’zimu Wachikondi – Kondwani Bwalya

50.         Martha’s Monster – Michael Mwanza

51.         Love Over Water – Bwalya Mambwe

52.         Locked Emotions let Loose – Kashweka Nalungwana

53.         Kasuba – Nancy Mwenya

54.         Ghost in Love – Mukelebai Catherine Mulasikwanda

55.         Forbidden Love –  Angela Kunda Mupeta

56.         Father Forgive me for I have Sineth – Ndanji Nyirenda

57.         Extension – Chansa Folotiya

58.         Echo – Thandiwe Siwo

59.         Don’t Remember to Forget – Birbal Boniface Mutoba

60.         Dark Motives – Sylvia Mbewe

61.         Corrupted – Douglas Kawimbe

62.         Cilil – Genevieve Kana

63.         Chimbuya – Musenga Katongo

64.         Call for the Sandy Tombs – Kaluwe Haangala

65.         Bush Mouse – Abel Lungu

66.         Bodza – Mupila yalobi

67.         Behind the Make-up – Mwewa Kashell Mwaba

68.         Before I Rest – Towela Kondowe

69.         Attract and Repel: Justified Madness – Keegan Sichone

70.         Atsikana – Theresa Silvester

71.         Are you coming Back? – Bwanga Kapumba

72.         Annie  – Pierre Bwalya

73.         Animals – Mutale Chisulo

74.         And the River Sang – Kelvin Jatwa

75.         An Encounter with a Smooth Criminal – George Banda

76.         An Akabi Princess – Inonge Noyoo

77.         A Union of Inconvenience – Jolezya Adeyemo

78.         A Night to Remember – David Mumba

79.         A Mother’s Visit – Susan Mutale

80.         A Leap of courage – Rose Mukondya

81.         A Chance at Life – Natasha Mwenda

82.         A Bitter Love Triangle – Sanfrossa Manyinda

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