Be a member of the Lusaka Playhouse

We are a group of artists and citizens set to rebuild the iconic Lusaka Playhouse, please join us!

Here is why you should join us and the Playhouse

Why should you join? The Playhouse and its future belong to you. The Playhouse is a national treasure that belongs to every Zambian, including you. It is our inheritance and that of future generations.

Becoming a member is the first step on an important roadmap to rebuild, restore and reclaim our collective heritage. It’s a national duty to become a member. 

Who owns the Playhouse? You. It belongs to you and everyone. When you become a member, you will be a custodian entrusted to make decisions that will benefit the creative sector in the country.

Any other tangible benefits? Plenty. Apart from being part of a group rewriting history of the arts industry.  There are plenty of benefits lined up for the new playhouse including but not limited to, discounted tickets to different shows (comedy, poetry, plays, awards, music), creative workshops, talks and training, hanging out with and among creatives. Most of all, you will be a decision-maker on the current and future of the arts sector.

How do I become a member? Fill in the application form and pay K350. After three months, you can become a shareholder by paying K1000.

When is the deadline? 30 April.

What’s the difference between being a member and being a shareholder? According to the current board’s current rules, members cannot vote or be elected. Shareholders can vote and be elected. If you don’t like this rule, JOIN, and together we will change the rules and the amounts.

Any online membership and payment options? None, and we don’t know why. Get on board, and together we will bring change. For now, download the membership for here and go and pay at the Playhouse or make a bank transfer.

Do I need to be an artist to be a member? No. You just need to have the best interests of the arts and creative industry in Zambia (this includes theatre, comedy, music, and all).

What is the state of the Playhouse in 2023? Absolute decay, but not totally out. Together we have an opportunity to rebuild it and start a new chapter.

Sorry, what about the plans for the petrol station? Dead! It won’t happen. The Lusaka City Council cancelled the permit, and the Energy Regulation Body revised regulations in August 2022, forbidding the construction of filling stations near auditoriums, schools, places of worship, bus stops, and more.

Is membership fee and shares enough rebuild the playhouse? No, but its a huge step to show cooperating partners, private sector, donors, potential investors and the Government that we are serious, putting our house in order and are ready for business.

Any contacts at the Playhouse? Theatre Manager, Frank Banda, Tel 0977654038, Email:

Does the Playhouse have a website? No. Again with your membership, new way of doing things including a good website.

Contacts the people running this campaign?

Background resources

Membership application form
Petition to stop construction of the petrol station
Lusaka City Council letter revoking filling station permit
Revised Energy Regulation Body on where filling stations cant be built

Media articles
Article Lusaka Playhouse opens membership
The Lusaka Playhouse and the case of our destructive gene as a nation

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